Brighton Trail Marathon

We take your health and safety very seriously.

Please read and follow the instructions below so you reach the finish line as safely as possible.


We advise that all participants run with their mobile phones on them. Please make sure it is fully charged!

We suggest that along with the Emergency contact number that will be provided to you that you also download the app what3words which will help us pinpoint your location should you get lost or need assistance on route.

They have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. what3words addresses are easy to say and share, and as accurate as GPS coordinates


Closer to the event, we will provide you with an emergency contact number for the event weekend which will go through to our central EVENT CONTROL team. Please make sure you add this number to your mobile contacts list. You have been emailed this number and should now have saved it to your device.


  • Follow ALL event arrows to stay on the designated route (please see below for an example)
  • Follow the direction of the stewarding team when crossing or walking/running on roads
  • Please run at your pace and stop at Aid Stations to refuel when you need to
  • Inform EVENT CONTROL if you leave the event for any reason
  • We have labelled all the gates on the route. If you get lost, we may ask you what Gate No. you are close by to, to help identify your location. See below example.



If possible, please try to make it to the next Aid Station before withdrawing.

From the Aid Station, food, hydration and shelter will be available to you while our Event Team arrange transport for you back to the finish. Our medical team will also be on hand to assist you.

Should you wish to withdraw please hand your number to a member of our event team who will inform EVENT CONTROL of your running number, your location and the time you withdrew. They will also be able to advise the team of your status and whether you are being transported back to the finish safely.

If you cannot make it to the next Aid Station, please call EVENT CONTROL. Please be prepared to quote your running number, your what3words location and whether you require assistance.


If at any time you believe you are lost, please follow this procedure:

  • Stop and try to work out where you are using reference points.
  • Walk back to your last known point/arrow or numbered gate.
  • If you are still lost, stay where you are and call EVENT CONTROL who will guide you back onto the route.


If you have an accident or come across one: Call 999 direct if it is a critical medical emergency.

If possible, make your way to the nearest Aid Station where a medic will be on hand.

If you cannot get to the Aid Station alone, ask for help from fellow participants.

If you still cannot make it to the Aid Stations call EVENT CONTROL.


In the case of a serious medical emergency, we will arrange evacuation for any participant from the course. However, if you are just having trouble completing the distance, try to get to the next Aid Station where we can arrange transport for you to the Finish.

We will have medical provisions at the Start, Aid Stations, and the Finish.


Cows and sheep can both be found across the South Downs and in Stanmer Park, so you can expect to be running near them at some point during your route. Animals on the course are used to people, but it’s still important you stay aware and careful around them. 

Our top tips for running near livestock: 

  • When entering a field, look for any livestock and be aware of how they are behaving 
  • Slow down and avoid running at your max speed past an animal or you might frighten it 
  • If an animal is blocking your path, slow down and find a way around them 
  • Move purposefully and quietly. Don’t just stop and don’t make loud noises 
  • Don’t get between an animal and it’s young 
  • Close gates behind you 
  • Don’t panic – most animals will stop before they reach you 


Please note that the section of the course from Jubilee Path to Underhill Lane doubles as a bridle path. This means that horses may be using the route.

Please note than horses have right of way.

If you see a horse, please slow down and get out of its way.


There will be cars allowed on Underhill Lane. All cars will be kept to 5mph or slower, but please be aware and careful around any cars.

Please note, this road reopens at 4pm. Any runners approaching this area after this point will be re-routed.