Instructions / Brighton Trail Kids

The Finish and Repatriation

Brighton Trail Kids

The Finish

Every runner will be presented with a medal and a 500ml Aquapax water carton once they have crossed the finish line.

Please pay attention to the marshals when crossing the finish line as all runners will be directed into the Repatriation Area according to the letter on their race number.

To help avoid congestion at the finish line runners need to make sure that they keep moving through to Repatriation, once finished. Please listen to instructions from marshals.

Collecting Runners

We ask that only one parent or guardian collects any children under the age of 13 after their race, from the Repatriation Area.

To avoid congestion the Repatriation Area will be split into two pens, pen A & pen B.

Children will be directed to the pen according to the letter on their bib.

Repatriation Wristbands

Each child’s Race Pack will contain one wristband for a parent or guardian, which corresponds to the child’s running number and colour.

The parent or guardian wishing to collect the child at the finish MUST wear this to identify themselves to the course marshals when reuniting with the child.

For safeguarding reasons, children will only be permitted to leave with the parent or guardian wearing a matching wristband.