Brighton Trail Kids

Sensitive Information and Safeguarding

If there are any sensitive issues or information that you wish to share with us in order to help us to safeguard your child at the event, please contact us prior to event day.

This may include information such as a parent restraining order, medical or mental health issues.

Please email us on: 

Photography at the event

If you do not wish to have any photographs of your child shared after the event, you will have had the opportunity to make this known with us at point of registration.

If you have forgotten to do this, please email with your child’s full name and DOB and we will make sure their images are not made available.

Safety On the Course

Runner safety is our number one priority.

We highly recommend that children under the age of 13 years old have a parent or guardian accompanying them to the event, although no adults are permitted on the running route unless there are exceptional circumstances and there is a pre-arranged agreement in place.

There will be marshals along the length of the course, a lead guide ahead of the race and a course marshal sweeping behind.

Unlike our Mini Mile Races, the entire course will not be completely enclosed by barrier. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding of your child/ren, please contact us on

If your child gets into difficulty during their run, please do not attempt to remove them from the route. Instead, please encourage them to continue along the route to the next event marshal. This is so we can account for all runners who have started and know where they are.

Lost Children

In the event of a lost child please speak to the nearest event marshal or go directly to the Information Tent.