Spectator & Event Guide 2022

Download the App

Don’t forget to download the new Grounded Events series app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. This houses both Brighton Trail Weekend and Brighton Marathon Weekend events.

The app will allow you to track runners live on Race Day as well as featuring helpful information about the event weekend.

Download for Android from Google Play

Download for iPhone from iTunes Store


  1. Hit the location icon in the blue circle button on the bottom of the app.
  2. Toggle between events with the bottom left-hand icon.
  3. Click the map or ‘show map’ top right to open the map.
  4. Click the blue ‘Find Athletes’ button at the bottom to add the runner(s) you wish to follow.

The app allows your supporters to track their 10k and Marathon runners and others live on Race Day. They can be notified when a runners has started and how they progress along the course in real time. Search for them by name or running number.

Please note, Trail Kids cannot be tracked.


Share your photos on the day and tick the box to share with us, so we can share your image on our social media streams!


All race results with finisher times for the 10k and Marathon will be available live on the app’s leaderboard and on the website shortly after the finish.

Please note, Trail Kids results will not appear.


When viewing the map, click RACE INFO icon on the bottom right to see a list of Aid Stations and more. (Our app supplier is working to get these listed actually on the viewable map for 2023 and not as a list.)

ENTER 2023

Exactly that! Enter 2023 Brighton Trail Weekend on the app!