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Brighton Trail 10k

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Official Event Photos

This year we have partnered with AWOL to capture your individual event photos. AWOL are an expert team of sports enthusiasts who love nothing more than to capture your special event moments. They will be using a specialist facial recognition technology to capture you wherever you are, out on the course.

Smile when you pass the AWOL photographers on the course because that photo will be online within seconds.

You can now sign up friends and family to the live following service and pre-order your photo bundles at an exclusive pre-event discount.

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Commemorative merchandise range to mark the inaugural Brighton Trail Weekend will be available soon. You will be emailed once you can order it.


Get our official Brighton Trail Weekend snood when you sign up for Brighton Trail Marathon or Brighton Trail 10k.

Available for only £10, this is made from 100% recycled bottles while still composed of dry wicking fabric. The design is based on the climbs of the marathon course, of course!

If you forgot to purchase it, you can still do so by logging in to Race Roster where you registered.