Brighton Trail 10k


This page details the water and facilities in place across the Brighton Trail 10k course as well as further information regarding dropping out, and medical positions.


The route will be clearly marked with signage and marshals to assist you with wayfinding.

Example of direction arrow to follow on the route:

Example of a Gate number sign:

Course map

Download here


Navigational devices

Our route distances were gathered using an electronic mapping system. This is as accurate as possible, but discrepancies can occur between the use of different GPS running computers. Therefore, this may lead to minor differences in distances calculated between devices when out on the route.


There will be a team of back-markers who will follow behind the last participant. Back-markers will leave the start at the back of the race and stay out on the route until everyone has finished or the route closes.


There will be one Aid Station on the Trail 10k route which you will go through twice, situated at Chalk Hill car park. You will pass this Aid Station at 1.2 miles (2km) after the start, and again at mile 5 (8km). You will be able to stop both times you pass if you need to.

There will be 3.8 miles (6km) between the first and second time you pass this Aid Station.

The Aid Station is there to support you, provide you with refreshment and allow you to check in with medics should you need to.

The Chalk Hill Aid Station will be open from 9:30-18:45, and will be used by both Marathon and 10k runners. Here, you will find water, HIGH5 Zero and toilets.


We recommend that you bring a water bottle or collapsible cup with you to the event to refill at the Aid Station, to make use of HIGH5 Zero drink, and carry with you between Aid Station stops.

Water will be available at the Aid Station and Finish in Aquapax – refillable, reusable cartons of water. There will also be HIGH5 Zero drink available, but you will need your own cup or bottle to make use of this.

The aid station will also be stocked with nutrition.

Water and nutrition will also be available at the finish line.

  • If you are bringing your own bottle or hydration system, please arrive with your water bottle or hydration system full for the start.
  • There will be Aquapax bottles at the start if you do not bring a cup or bottle with you. But as mentioned above, remember there will not be additional cups for HIGH5 Zero at Aid Stations.
  • There will be recycling bins available at the Aid Station for the Aquapax cartons.
  • PLEASE NOTEIf you pick up an Aquapax from an Aid Station to use on your run, please leave no trace on the route. Take the Aquapax with you until the next Aid Station/finish where you can dispose of it (and we will recycle it).
  • Please take care to keep the lid or dispose of it at the Aid Station/finish


There will also be toilet facilities at the Aid Station*.

Toilets will be positioned in the Event Village where your event both begins and ends. There will also be accessible toilets.

*Toilet facilities at Aid Stations will not include accessible toilets. If you have additional needs which require prioritisation for toilet use (e.g. a medical condition) please make yourself known to a staff member/volunteer working the Aid Station, and they will grant you priority access.


As this is a trail event, you can expect your course to sometimes be remote. You will therefore need to keep your awareness about you. The course will be signposted, and we will have marshals, but it is important that you notice and follow all the course signs.  

Regardless of your pace, we expect that at most points of the race you will be able to see the runner in front of you. We will also have a lead bike and a sweeper team, so it should be that you can always follow the person in front of you. If you do lose sight of them, don’t worry. Just keep going and following the signage. 


Please also be aware that your route is taking place on public trails, and you can expect the local community, including dog walkers, to still be making use of them. The areas around the course have all been given advance notice of the event so will be expecting runners but please be respectful of everyone out enjoying the trails. 


There will be first aid at the Aid Station. Most participants will be treated at the Aid Station but any serious cases will be transported to Accident and Emergency at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.


We appreciate that there might be times you need to walk or are moving slower than other participants.

You will be able to finish your Trail 10k regardless of the speed you are moving at.

If you are expecting to run a time of 90 minutes or more, then it is likely you will cross the finish alongside some marathon runners as the two courses will merge with runners from both races expected to be crossing the finish line at 11:30.


If you have to drop out or withdraw, please try and make it to the Aid Station first.

From the Aid Station food, hydration and shelter will be available to you while our event team arrange transport for you back to the finish. Our medical team will also be on hand to assist you.

Should you wish to withdraw please hand your number to a member of our event team who will inform EVENT CONTROL of your running number, your location and the time you withdrew. They will also be able to advise the team of your status and whether you are being transported back to the finish safely.

If you cannot make it to the Aid Station, please find a course marshal or call EVENT CONTROL. Please be prepared to quote your running number, your what3words location and whether you require assistance.

You will still be able to collect your kit bag; please find the Information Point in the Event Village where the team will be able to reunite you with your kit bag. Please identify yourself as a ‘dropped out runner’ to our information team to assist them in reuniting you with your bag.


AWOL, the Official Race Photographers will be placing photographers around the course to take pictures of you while you are running. As well as being able to buy a bundle of your photos, they will be providing live photography of the event using their facial, chip and number recognition system. Find out more.


Please do not use a personal music-playing device whilst participating in this event.

You will be held strictly and solely liable if found to be responsible for any harm to yourself or any third party or parties or damage to any property (whether yours or that of a third party) which arises as a result of you wearing any personal music playing device in contradiction of this advice.


Our volunteers are amazing people who give up their free time to support our event and our participants. Please be kind and courteous to them at all times as they are in place to make your run the best experience it can be.

They will be positioned from start to finish and in the Event Village supporting at water stations, marshalling on the course, handing out medals and more.


  • Be sure to pin your race number where Race Marshals can see it, ideally the front of your vest or t-shirt.
  • Please leave no trace whilst taking part. Discard of your litter in provided bins or provided bins.
  • Please be polite and calm when dealing with our staff and volunteers – this includes communication on email and social media. Many have given their time up for free and will be working long hours to support your race experience.
  • Please wash hands after using the toilets
  • Please do not spit or blow your nose freely around other runners, where they could get hit!
  • If there is a crowd at an Aid Station, please wait your turn and only take as much water and/or fuel as you need. There will also be space to stop and catch your breath, but please step to the side to do so.
  • Once across the finish line please keep moving to collect your medal and kit bag.
  • Please DO NOT run through the finish line with children or non-participants. This is a restricted area and is extremely important for yours and their wellbeing.
  • Do not attempt to give or sell your race number to anyone. They will be disqualified.
  • Do not attempt to take part in the race without an official entry or race number. This is for your safety as we will not have a record of your entry for medical purposes.