Brighton Trail 10k


We will provide Bag Drop facilities for Brighton Trail 10K runners at the Start in Stanmer Park

  • All participants will be able to collect an official, reusable Kit Bag for the baggage storage at the Start to place their belongings in.
  • The Kit Bag, excluding handles, will be 600mm x 450mm
  • You will have received a baggage label in your Race Pack
  • You will need to place any items you wish to be transferred to the finish into this bag, attach your baggage label, seal the bag and hand this to a member of staff at the bag drop location.

You MUST use this Kit Bag in order to access the bag drop, so please remember to prepare the bag/items you wish to place inside it ahead of arriving. Preparing your items ahead of arrival will ensure the process is as quick, smooth and stress free as possible.

Here’s an idea of what will fit with room to spare:

– An XL hoody
– A pair of trainers
– A towel
– Water bottle
– Toiletries

Remember not to pack anything which might leak!

We also ask that you refrain from placing any valuables within the Kit Bag.

Nothing should be attached to the baggage bag except the label.

At the finish, you will be able to collect your bag by going to the Bag Drop zone and colour as per your Race Number.


Once you have arrived at the start and collected your Kit Bag, you will be directed to the Bag Drop area where there will be space to pack your Kit Bag with the items you have prepared.

You will then drop your bag into the containers that are marked according to your Race Number.


  • We advise keeping valuables out of your Kit Bag. We recommend using a running belt, a mobile phone arm holder, a pocket within an item of clothing etc. for any valuable items such as phone, key or money.
  • There are luggage storage services available in the city for larger bags such as CityStasher.