View all the results from our inaugural Brighton Trail Weekend here.

Marathon winners

Trail running isn’t all about time and many runners take to the trails to slow down and enjoy the views. Nonetheless, we had some impressive speeds around our courses and our competitive runners took up the challenge of our six marathon climbs with determination and very fast feet!

This was our first ever Brighton Trail Weekend, meaning the winners of each race have officially now set our course records.

Men’s race

Our men’s Brighton Trail Marathon winner was James Baker from Chichester who completed the course with a time of 2:59:57, officially setting the course record. At the finish line he told us he was aiming for 3 hours: smashed it!

Our second place was secured by Toby Meanwell from Lewes who came cruising through with a time of 3:12:56.

Third across the line was Robin Dugast from London who ran a time of 3:16:20.

Women’s race

Amy Harris from Horsham won the women’s race and was our first female Marathon with a finisher time of 3:23:43! She now officially holds our course record!

Victoria Alikhan from Hove was our second woman cross the finish line with an impressive time of 3:38:48.

Our third woman to finish was Ellen Brookes from Lewes. She completed the course in a time of 3:49:27.

View all the results from our inaugural Brighton Trail Weekend here.

Beacon winners

We worked with our official partner Styrkr to also create a competition to race to the top of the Beacon Loop climb.

With a timing mat at the bottom and top of the Beacon, the highest and hardest climb of the marathon route, we were able to see who managed this segment with the quickest time so we could crown them Kings and Queens of the Beacon.

King of the Beacon

Coming 358th overall in the Marathon, our King of the Beacon is Lars Blumenthal! He might not have been at the front of the pack, but he saved his energy enough to belt it up the Beacon in a staggeringly fast time of 07:06 making him our King!

Having won the Marathon, James Baker also secured second fastest up the Beacon with a time of 07:22.

Two runners both managed the Beacon Loop in joint third-fastest time of 08:15 up the Beacon! Andy Roberts, who came 75th overall, and Javed Alikhan who came 13th overall both secure our third-place spot in the King of the Beacon race!

Queen of the Beacon

Amy Harris, who also won the Marathon, had the fastest time up the Beacon of 08:28 and is officially our Styrkr Queen of the Beacon!

Shukila Jordan made a play for the crown and her Beacon time of 09:43 saw her achieving second fastest up the Beacon, despite only coming 504th overall – go Shukila!

Victoria Alikhan, who came second overall, was our third and final women’s Beacon winner with a time of 09:50.

View all the results from our inaugural Brighton Trail Weekend here.