Route Map

Age categories / Route Distances

The 2022 Brighton Trail Kids races took place on Sunday 26 June and were split into Under 9’s and Over 9’s. (Children who are 9 years old fall into the Over 9 category).

The Under 9 races were over a shorter distance to make it more comfortable for little legs.

Both events took in the Stanmer Park grassy area and the beautiful woodland trails for a unique experience that they will love!

Under 9’s Trail : 0.75 miles / 1.2km

7 & 8 Year Olds

Start time: 9AM

Over 9’s Trail : 1.2 miles / 2km

9 & 10 Year Olds

Start time: 9:15AM

11 & 12 Year Olds

Start time: 9:30AM

13 – 17 Year Olds

Start time: 9:45AM


Parents and guardians, friends and family were able to enjoy the Brighton Trail Kids event and join us for a day of fun in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of Stanmer Park.

Supporters were able to enjoy the food, drink and facilities in the Event Village, within which the Trail Kids event will be held.

Finish Repatriation & Child Safety

As with our Mini Mile Races at Brighton Marathon Weekend, we take child safety very seriously.

Children were given an identifiable race number for their event, and were reunited with parents at the finish according to the the colour of their race number.

Parents were also be supplied with a wristband that corresponds to their child’s race number, allowing them to collect the child at the finish. The collecting parent MUST be wearing their wristband.

The event was marshalled for a safe running / walking trail experience.