Why ALL runners should remember to sunguard!

By 28th April 2022

You invest both time and money into selecting the protective gear to keep healthy and injury free, from specific running trainers to technical clothing, however you may fail to consider the most important part of the body that needs protecting: your skin.

Whether running long or short distances, it is important to ensure your skin is just as protected as your feet. Even if the sun doesn’t feel overly hot, the UV index when 3 or above (which can be checked on your phone) can cause sun damage or even worse, skin cancer, even through clouds, and this can happen from March to October.


It only takes one blistering sunburn to more than double the chances of getting melanoma, and with over 410 cases of skin cancer diagnosed each day, it’s a risk that needs to be taken seriously, specifically if you love the great outdoors.

Although we all know the facts, sunscreen can tend to be avoided by runners due to an aversion to greasy skin, and when sweating excessively, stinging eyes. There is a simple solution to this; sweat-resistant sports sunscreen, which is used by many athletes across all sporting disciplines. There are a range of brands that are suitable for sport, and these should always be considered when building up a collection of running equipment.

Sunguarding Sport

The Brighton Marathon is supporting Sunguarding Sport, a new campaign by the Melanoma Fund, set to launch on the 3rd May.  This  free online resource contains guidelines for all in sport and outdoor recreation, as well as tips for specific sports.  

Top tips

Here are there top 5 tips for keeping sun protected whilst running at the Trail weekend and throughout the summer:

1. Be sun prepared. Carry a rucksack with all the essentials, including a small bottle of SPF30+ sunscreen and water to rehydrate.
2. For long runs, plan routes with a pit stop after 1-2 hours so you can reapply your sunscreen.
3. If wearing a ‘racer back’ style top, ask for help to reach the tricky bits with sunscreen.
4. Wraparound ‘running’ sunglasses will protect the eyes against the sun, as well as wind, dust, and insects so are worth the investment.
5. A peaked cap is a great way to protect the head but not ears or neck, so ensure you protect these areas with sunscreen.

Leave your race with a medal, not a sunburn!  For further details on all aspects of sun protection in sport, visit www.melanoma-fund.co.uk – from the 3rd May.