Trail stories: why Jess runs

By 25th May 2022

I run because I have a body with malfunctioning insides (I have severe endometriosis), I run because I live in chronic pain. I run because I live with PTSD and anxiety.

I run because I may not have chosen what has happened to me, and the chronic conditions I live with, but I do choose to take back control.

Running (albeit very slowly) makes me feel powerful and lucky to still be alive. It reminds I have the power over how I live each day.

I am also an endometriosis columnist and an advocate for this wretched, under-researched disease, and I’d like to show fellow patients that, despite our limitations, we can achieve what we choose to do. We just may have to do it differently – in my case slowly, and taking many breaks…but I’m OK with that.

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